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From the Grand Union of 1918 to the Strategic Partnership. A Century of U.S. – Romania Relations

Autor: George Cristian Maior
Apărut în nr. 595

The article argues that the US-Romania Strategic Partnership is the logical and mutually advantageous result of the two countries’ shared values and core interests, evidenced by the evolution of bilateral relations over the past century. To that end, the analysis focuses on four main aspects: (1) the historical dimension, in particular US support for Romania’s Great Union and the role of the Romanian-American community in that context, (2) the common values and strategic vision of the two countries in the post-1989 period; (3) the current state and substance of the Partnership and (4) its potential and future perspectives. The conclusions show that the US-Romania Strategic Partnership is based upon shared long-term strategic interests, a common set of values, as well as genuine affinity and friendship between the two peoples. These aspects are validated by a history of constructive engagement and cooperation.