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Cover photo: Dimitra Stasinopoulou

This edition is illustrated with picture by Dimitra Stasinopoulou (artwork from „Romania of my heart”)

Radu Afrim represented Romania at the Bangkok Art Biennale

At the Bangkok Art Bienniale, the ENTHEOS Cultural Association, with the support of the German Cultural Foundation KulturForum Europe, represented by its president, Dieter Topp, and by Christian Bauer, organized at BACC the photography exhibition „Boys, Girls and Neighborhoods” signed by one of the most appreciated Romanian theatre directors, Radu Afrim, who is also a […]

George Friedman: “We need each other”

George Friedman: I think that the most important principle of the friendship between our countries is shared interests. We need each other. Romania needs to guarantee its security in a region of unique uncertainty including not only the Russians but also Turkey and the Balkans. They are not necessarily adversaries but they all raise uncertainties. […]

Values, perceptions and representations of the population of Romania and the United States of America

The Institute for Political Sciences and International Relationships “Ion I. C. Brătianu” of the Romanian Academy and the Laboratory of Information Warfare Analysis and Strategic Communication (LARICS), under the patronage of the Romanian Academy, have presented a sociological study based on two surveys simultaneously done on the Romanian and American societies. The study “Values, perceptions […]

From the Grand Union of 1918 to the Strategic Partnership. A Century of U.S. – Romania Relations

The article argues that the US-Romania Strategic Partnership is the logical and mutually advantageous result of the two countries’ shared values and core interests, evidenced by the evolution of bilateral relations over the past century. To that end, the analysis focuses on four main aspects: (1) the historical dimension, in particular US support for Romania’s […]